In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the landmark 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Clinton Arts Council is presenting, WomenKind - ten One-Woman shows celebrating known, unknown, and (mostly) true stories of women of history. From the suffragists to the anti-suffragists, to the writers and the artists, and women of color trying to make their way in an unjust world.

The project is not only meant to be a celebration of women who were among the FIRST to break through, and suffrage, but to serve as employment for professional actresses, many of whom travel around the country performing their shows, as well as a few premiere performances – written expressly for this Festival. The project will begin in March- Women’s History month and continue into August – the 100th Anniversary of the Suffrage.

Originally created in New York City in 1990 by producer and performer Emma Palzere-Rae ("Aunt Hattie's House"), "The Womenkind Festival" provided performance opportunities to women where there were few, by presenting one-woman shows throughout March, Women’s History Month.  Having done so, its legacy is that of Womenkind alumni – some of whom will perform at the Andrews Memorial Town Hall Theater for this Festival - who continue to be a community of vibrant performers supporting parity for women in theater and entertaining audiences with their diverse stories which highlight the known and unknown stories of women throughout history.

Here is a small sample of the shows that you will see this season:

EPRae as Stowe.png

Aunt Hattie's House

A Connecticut Heroine! Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 

As Hedy at Inspirefest 2018 in Dublin, I


One of Hollywood's greatest beauties.  Hedy Lamarr is the reason you have a cell phone in your pocket.


First by Faith

explores Mary McLeod Bethune's
personal journey from an uneducated child to a world-renowned educator,
humanitarian, civil rights activist, stateswoman and philanthropist.



The press often asked if she was really that talented?  Or was American Artist Georgia O'Keeffe a creation of a male artist?

Catt 3.jpg

Crusading Mrs. Catt

Crusading Mrs. Catt captures Carrie Chapman Catt's extraordinary journey in leading women's suffrage across the finish line.  When you vote in 2020, say a "thank you" to Mrs. Catt.

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